If you are new to exercise, or just haven't exercised in ages and want to get back into it gently, then the Kick Start programme is designed for YOU!

Included in the 8 week programme are any two Total Hit classes on the timetable.  On top of the classes, nutrition is at the heart of the Kick Start programme.  Included inn the Kick Start Guide will be an overview of our nutrition plan and access to our special Kick Start members Facebook page where you will be able to access daily meal plans along with help and support from others on the plan.  Measurements are taken at the beginning and end of the plan, useful body stats, not just weight but body fat and muscle, along with physical measurements - and we encourage you to take photos at home to keep for yourself as before and after.

You will be given complete support throughout the programme and the eventual aim is for you to feel confident and ready to join in with the normal timetable at the end.